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Access to BizFile+ and BizFinx Portal with CorpPass

With effect from 25 Mar 2017, all business entities will be able to use a new corporate digital identity known as CorpPass to transact with ACRA. CorpPass is meant to replace the usage of SingPass by business entities. By separating login ID used for corporate matters and personal matters, CorpPass enhances personal privacy of staff and protects sensitive business information.

Business entities that have yet to apply for a CorpPass account can continue to use SingPass to file transactions with ACRA until 31 Dec 2017. From Jan 2018 onwards, only business entities with a CorpPass account will be able to file transactions with ACRA. Business entities are therefore encouraged to apply for a CorpPass early.

For more info on using CorpPass to transact with ACRA, please visit

For CorpPass registration, please visit