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Application Letter for Exemption from XBRL Filing Requirements*

Application Letter for Exemption must be in (PDF/JPEG/PNG) format

The application letter must include the following details:

  • Company Name and Company Registration Number.
  • Financial Period End Date of the Company.
  • Section(s) of the ACRA taxonomy that the Company is unable to comply with.
  • Reason(s) why the Company is unable to comply with the section(s) of the ACRA Taxonomy.
  • This letter is to be signed off by a Director, Corporate Secretary, Accountant or any Person preparing the accounts on behalf of the Company.
  • The letter is to be typed in with the company's letterhead. For corporate secretary, if they are applying on behalf of their clients, it should be typed in the corporate secretary firm's letterhead.

AGM Financial Statements*

Signed AGM Financial Statements must be in (PDF/ZIP) format

  • Companies must attach a full set of signed AGM financial statements of which they are seeking exemption for.

Other Supporting Document (Optional)

Other Supporting Document must be in(PDF/Zip/XML/XBRL) format